Bath breach on the moon? Forget about it.

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Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin may accept been the aboriginal bodies to set bottom on the lunar apparent aback Apollo 11 landed there 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, but they had to abandon some Earthly conveniences in adjustment to cull off the moon landing.

NASA engineers were so active addition out how to get astronauts to and from the moon that they didn’t bother to architecture a toilet for the Apollo missions of the 1960s and 70s. In fact, the aboriginal toilet wouldn’t be installed on a US spaceship until the amplitude shuttle got one in the 1980s. (There was technically a toilet on the Skylab amplitude base in the 1970s, but it was an blameworthy chiffonier that looked like a aperture in the wall, and astronauts had to dry their carrion in a appropriate compartment.)

“Defecation and urination accept been aggravating aspects of amplitude biking from the alpha of manned amplitude flight,” an official NASA address on the Apollo amplitude missions reads.

During Apollo 11, as with all the added Apollo missions, astronauts had to battle with a abhorrent baggie in adjustment to abate themselves. Here’s what the action entailed.

To pee, astronauts acclimated what looked about like a condom (which they replaced daily), which was absorbed up to a bag with a abbreviate hose. There was no female-friendly system, aback the Apollo astronauts were all men. Spills happened often.

On the Apollo missions, astronauts peed into a belt that emptied into this bag. The belt wasn’t advised for women.NASA

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The action for ambidextrous with account in amplitude was no better.

“In the absence of a arrangement accouterment absolute agency for the abatement of carrion from the body, an acutely basal arrangement had to be relied aloft for in-flight begrimed collection,” the NASA address says. “The accessory acclimated was a artificial bag which was taped to the buttocks to abduction feces.”

Apprehend More: From peeing in a ‘roll-on cuff’ to pooping into a bag: A abrupt history of how astronauts accept gone to the bath in amplitude for 57 years

This appropriately called “fecal bag” that the astronauts acclimated came complete with a alcove for toilet paper, and it had a congenital feel accoutrement so astronauts could break apple-pie while accession the bag on their butts. It wasn’t accessible to get the bag set up accurately central the baby accessory at the aback of astronauts’ amplitude suits. One Apollo astronaut estimated that the accomplished bathroom-going action took astronauts about 45 minutes.

And alike then, the toilet-bag accoutrement was not fool proof.

During the Apollo 10 mission in May 1969, astronaut Tom Stafford articulate a warning: “Get me a napkin quick. There’s a turd amphibian through the air,” he said, according to one NASA transcript.

NASA insisted that the astronauts accompany aback all of their carrion for examination, so afterwards the Apollo astronauts accomplished accomplishing their business, they had to allowance up their baggies and “knead” them, as the address details, bond in some all-important bactericide that would acquiesce the clay to get cautiously aback to Earth. (There is now a complete log of all bristles of the Apollo 11 amplitude turds.)

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The account accoutrements were “rolled into the aboriginal accessible volume” by the astronauts and stored for the acknowledgment trip, afterward the able-bodied accepted backpacker mantra “pack it in, backpack it out.” Unsurprisingly, the address addendum that “the botheration of odor was always present” during Apollo bath breaks.

“In general, the Apollo decay administration arrangement formed abundantly from an engineering standpoint. From the point of appearance of aggregation acceptance, however, the arrangement charge be accustomed poor marks,” the final Apollo bath address read.

Because abating oneself in amplitude was such a gross, time-consuming, and evil-smelling task, astronauts generally took laxatives afore they launched, and sometimes relied on drugs that kept their belly active added slowly.

Astronauts couldn’t use this aforementioned bag arrangement to bolt their decay while cutting amplitude apparel on the lunar surface. So aback Apollo astronauts larboard their spacecraft, they wore a “fecal ascendancy system,” which was basically a diaper.

It’s not bright whether Aldrin and Armstrong anytime took abounding advantage of those “systems” in their 21 hours and 36 account on the moon, but Buzz does affirmation to be the aboriginal man to anytime pee on addition angelic body.

“It’s abandoned as hell out there,” he told a army at the Newseum on the 40th ceremony of the moon landing. ” I peed in my pants.”


The applique that Aldrin and Armstrong larboard on the moon 50 years ago reads, in part, “here men from the planet Earth aboriginal set bottom aloft the Moon July 1969”

The applique does not acknowledgment that they were both cutting diapers aback they took that behemothic leap.

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