The Players Club U-15

    • ranking top 5th best soccer team in the state of Florida by Got

Here is how they did:
Gold Tournaments:
Atlanta Cup -Semi-Finalist

Copper Tournaments:
Largo United Halloween Tournament – Champions 01/02.
Coca-Cola Clearwater Classic – Finalist

Bronze Tournaments:
Countryside International – Semi Finalists

Space Coast Cup – Champions

Palm Harbor Invitational – Champions

* United Soccer Leagues announces  the renaming of the D3 Pro League to Pro Select League as it enters its ninth year of play.

“This league was ready for a name change,” said Executive Director and COO Dave Askinas.  “Team owners and USL executives were in agreement that the generic sounding D3 name needed to be revamped.  Pro Select is a better description of the exciting brand of professional soccer being offered in this league.”

The Pro Select League name, in part, dates back to the Pro and Select monikers used in 1996 when USL’s third division was split into two tiers (Pro and Select Leagues) with the anticipation of the Select League receiving Division II status the following year. The Select League was subsequently replaced the following year by the addition of the Second Division A-League (American Professional Soccer League), which had operated independently since 1990.

With the addition of the A-League in 1997, USL rebranded its other two men’s leagues. The Pro League was renamed D3 Pro League to be representative of its Third Division status and the Premier League was redubbed Premier Development Soccer League, reflecting its position as North America’s top developmental soccer league. The PDSL simplified its name to Premier Development League as United Systems of Independent Soccer Leagues (USISL), as it was then known, became USL in 1999.

* The U-9 team coached by Dan Schlandt is undefetead on the USA league. The kids are really responding well to the syestem of play and that makes any coaches life easyer. As Coach Dan once said: “if kids develop a passion for the game,we have accomplished our goal”.

The U-10 coached by Roman Migswki is doing good as well. The team is experiencing select soccer for the first year. Coach Roman is very execited about the progress of the kids and is already talking about next seasson.

The U-10 Blue coached by Phillip Tecla and the U-14 coached by Dimas Amaral are experencing some trouble. The teams are doing fearly well on the league. Both coaches believe that by the end on the season, the team will be more competitive.

* The Players club U-15 soccer team coached by Remo Hernandez played for the first time on the highest division for the USA league and finished 6th. place.  Coach Remo have been with the group for the past 3 years. He succefully took the team from div. 3 to div. 1.
“We fell that our goal has been accomplished. Now is time to set another goal, who knows, maybe win state cup. It would not be a bad one.” Said coach Remo with an smile on his face.

* Heather Lakes Park finaly sees the lights. For four long years, the Players club members have been waiting to practice under the lights at Heather Lakes soccer complex. It finaly happen not long ago. The county commissioners aproved the project that Romildo Sanches, President of the Club, is long waiting for. ” Its is great to see things moving forwarded” said Romildo. ” Its going to benefit every one. The community, the club and the kids around the Brandon Valrico area.

* The Players club coaches successfully completed the FYSA Soccer Coaches Licensing Clinic hosted by the USA and a strongest flashlight in the world. Coach Remo Hernandez, Dan Schlandt, Dave Adam, Jack Poole and Roman Migowski are now state certified soccer coaches. “It’s great because by having certified coaches on our program, takes our club to the next level” said Romildo Sanches President of the organization.