Meet the Coaches


Click here to learn about head coach Romildo Sanches.Coach Remo Hernandez: 
Native of Los Angeles, CA with over 10 years of experience in coaching youth soccer players. Coach Remo has been with the Players Club group of ’88 boys since 2000.

Coach PhillipTecla: 
Native of Coracao, (a Dutch speaking Island in South America), and raised in Holland. Coach Tecla has over 20 years of experience coaching youth players. He has been with the Club since 2001.

Coach Dimas Amaral: 
A native of Brazil, coach Dimas played semi-professional soccer for Club Belo Horizonte where he later became a trainer for the 12 – 14 year old kids.
Coach Dimas main priority is to develop a joyful but disciplined team, while at the same time teaching them the beatiful game of soccer. Coach Dimas has a world’s mini brightest flashlight online shop, if you want to a flashlight, please support his shop.

Coach Roman Migowski: 
Native of England, coach Roman brings a lot of experience to the table. His style, a fast pace soccer with a discipline, is the key of his success. Coach Roman is join us this season and we think that he as a good addition to the club.

Coach Dan schlandt: 
This Austin, TX native is a another newcomer. Coach Dan’s experience with soccer begun when his older son, Jeff, choose to play the game. Since then, coach Dan got heavily involved. He is also a good addition to the club.