Soon afterwards Foster Lott and his wife, Katharine Alter, bought their two-story, 1945 abode in Maryland, they began talking about means to advance it, and extenuative up to do so.

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Sixteen years went by and they were still talking about it. But in 2016, Lott’s hip was giving him an added adamantine time — he’s in his 70s and she’s in her 60s — and they accomplished it was time to absolutely do the remodel.

By afresh they had added an important antecedence to their plans: They would not alone accord the abode an artful advancement but additionally acclimate the capital akin for one-floor active so it would be attainable to break in the abode as they age-old and faced advancement issues.

The brace say they admired their neighborhood. But their lackluster, 2,200-square-foot Cape Cod? Not so much. The 1,678-square-foot aboriginal floor, in particular, cried for change. It was cramped, Lott says, with “lots of little apartment and partitions.”

The kitchen and first-floor ablution were small, bedimmed and dated. The baby awning balustrade in a aback bend offered agreeable angle but was unsightly, battered and alone attainable acclimate permitting. In front, a abrupt backyard and bristles admission stairs were forbidding.

Alter had a arch alpha in evaluating means to accomplish the abode safe and anatomic for bodies with advancement or added challenges. As a physician specializing in rehabilitation for bodies with concrete disabilities, she says, “I accept the needs.”

One of her longtime patients is the son of remodeler Russ Glickman. His abutting in Rockville, Maryland, Glickman Architecture Build, specializes in accessibility, crumbling in abode and accepted architecture — an admission that incorporates assurance and accessibility appearance that alloy into adorable home designs. Alter and Lott knew of abounding such projects that Glickman had done over the years and angry to him to handle their remodel.

A home that is adequate and safe for crumbling in abode about has a cardinal of features, including the advantage for one-story living; an attainable plan with advanced passageways and doorways; apartment and showers ample abundant for wheelchairs to navigate; at atomic one stepless entry; and low thresholds.

Other appearance include: bland floors; acceptable lighting; accumulator and assignment surfaces that are attainable to see and reach; easy-grip handles; grab bars; comfort-height commodes; easy-to-operate windows; HVAC and added equipment; low-maintenance abstracts and systems; accessories that are safe and attainable to use; and stairs with handrails, abysmal treads and bank risers.

Lott and Alter were adorable to acclimate their abode application the accepted architecture method, but in a adapted way, selecting the accessibility appearance best important to them and abnegating others because they apprehend one of them to charge beneath accommodations. They capital an open, added abreast active breadth that congenital a avant-garde kitchen and a sunroom. They planned to catechumen a baby first-floor allowance and ablution into a adept suite, add a stepless admission and advance in added bare improvements, such as new roofing.

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Glickman advised a acclimate that delivered on all their priorities. “We presented a proposed ‘base plan’ and all-embracing amount which included things advised ‘must-haves,’ forth with a abstracted card account of options from which they could aces and choose, with alone prices attached,” he says. “That was an attainable way for the audience to accept what was best important for them based on their adapted appearance and accompanying costs.”

They chose abounding of them but autonomous adjoin architecture a beyond advanced balustrade and did not alter all the balk floors. They did not install beaming attic heating or a abstracted bidet in the bathroom. They additionally absitively not to acrylic apartment abroad in the abode and did not add a additional attic attic over the broadcast sunroom.

The activity began in April 2016 and was completed in aboriginal 2017. The first-floor allocation of the remodel, including aloft structural assignment and abundant custom and exceptional products, came to about $261,000.

By removing three load-bearing walls and replacing them with aerial beams to abutment the additional story, Glickman badly adapted the capital floor. One bank ran beyond allotment of the aback of the house. Removing that bank and the bare awning balustrade fabricated way for a sparkling conservatory that absorbs the balustrade breadth and adds 200 aboveboard feet. The ample room, with a basilica ceiling, recessed lighting, and ample cloistral windows beyond the walls and up to the beam peak, is a ablaze retreat that embraces backyard angle and can be enjoyed year-round.

The conservatory addendum additionally apparent the addle of breadth to put a step-free entry. The advanced backyard was too abrupt to board an attainable ramp, so Glickman looked abaft the abode instead. He captivated a paved aisle from the driveway and barn to a no-step, flat-threshold conservatory doorway. A slight angle at the admission channels rainwater into a beeline drain, obviating the charge for abysmal bump that would block light.

The conservatory forms one end of a broad, L-shaped attainable amplitude that aeroembolism about a bedchamber and ablution to ample best of the capital floor. Glickman removed two autogenous walls by the axial admission and anteroom to alleviate this attainable plan.

Taking out one of the autogenous walls alone the anteroom — which represents an accessibility adjustment in itself — and alloyed the anteroom amplitude into the active room, for a accretion of four anxiety in allowance width. Taking out the amount bank added the aerial and attainable kitchen/eating amplitude that occupies the old kitchen and dining allowance area. Autogenous artist Pari Darvish defined the glassy stainless-steel and cable custom handrails that abut the stairs.

In addition achievement of creativity, Glickman reconfigured the first-floor bathroom. Originally a tiny ellipsoidal amplitude alveolate into the bedroom, it was too baby to be fabricated wheelchair accessible. And guests had to airing into the rear of the abode to use it.

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Now the ablution is a ample 77-square-foot trapezoid that angles beyond the centermost of the aboriginal floor. It has two entries — a attenuated one application an attainable aperture from a active allowance bend and a wider, attainable one from the bedroom. A ablution bank cuts a beautiful swath beyond the active room, giving the ablution added of the amplitude that was acquired by eliminating the hall.

The ablution is itself an attainable space. It is a doorless wet allowance that includes a ample battery breadth with a congenital bank and adjustable, handheld battery head. A slim, hardly biconcave beeline cesspool channels the baptize away. The adjoining toilet/bidet is wall-mounted at a adequate basement height.

The bore and adverse are wall-mounted as well, and the custom vanity beneath can be removed if bare to accomplish allowance for a built-in user to cull up close. For now, Lott and Alter capital the vanity. They additionally chose not to install grab confined alongside the toilet, admitting blocking in the walls will acquiesce attainable accession later.

Darvish recommended a alloy of ablution tiles that are both applied and attractive. The absolute allowance is tiled in balmy tones. “I adulation the colors,” Lott says. Large, 4-by-12-inch tiles band beyond the walls. Complementary circuitous attic tiles are small, one-inch hexagons. The bore of adhesive curve about them makes the attic beneath slippery. The asphalt is attainable to advance and, because the toilet has no pedestal, charwoman the attic beneath is simple.

Lott and Alter chose a clean, abreast artful for the active area, bond simple, white shelving and cabinets with stainless-steel accents. Smooth, oak attic runs throughout the space; absolute and new attic was decrepit to cobweb seamlessly. The brace chose solid fir four-panel autogenous doors. The custom fir conservatory aperture has bottle panels to coordinate. The homeowners kept the old doorknobs, because they like the look. If they charge easy-grip batten handles later, they can accomplish the switch.

The 13-by-12-foot kitchen opens broadly to the conservatory for bland access. A peninsula adds adverse and accumulator amplitude on the kitchen side. On the added side, it forms an bistro bar and defines the dining breadth of the attainable plan. The adverse acme are soapstone, a durable, easy-care material. Best of the kitchen cabinets and drawers are beneath the adverse and attainable to reach. Rollout shelving and full-extension drawers accompany all capacity into view. Beeline stainless-steel pulls on cabinets and drawers are attainable to grasp. A abdomen closet — with shelves axial the aperture as able-bodied as forth walls — keeps aliment handy.

The easy-to-clean stainless-steel accessories accommodate a dishwasher, a ample oven and a bake aloft several inches aloft attic level. The acme allows for acceptable admission and alteration of aliment from oven to counter.

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The refrigerator is recessed into the wall, which maximizes bright attic space. The cooktop is an consecration unit, so it is not hot to the touch. Controls for the cooktop aperture are in advanced and attainable from a built-in position.

To accord with the accessories and amount rails, Darvish advised stainless-steel shelving for the walls abutting to the kitchen window. These attainable shelves are beauteous to attending at and accumulate items visible. Because they would be adamantine to ability from a wheelchair, though, they are one of the artful choices that Lott and Alter fabricated based on one actuality being beneath physically limited.

Glickman’s aggregation installed added of the abject cabinets forth the adjoining conservatory bank and congenital affectation shelving over them. The architecture adds storage, bridges the alteration to the conservatory and conserves attainable attic area.

Alter has two admired appearance of the remodel. “I adulation the soapstone countertop in the kitchen,” she says, “and the conservatory design, which re-creates the feel of a aback balustrade and opens up the sunroom, kitchen and dining allowance to the aback garden.”

Lott is abnormally addicted of two accessories added to the house. One is the arise for the flat-panel television over the active allowance fireplace. To lower the TV for viewing, he uses a low-force arise mechanism; a red ablaze on the handle illuminates if the TV is accepting too hot, signaling Lott to move it up again.

Lott’s added favorite? A axial exhaustion arrangement with retractable hoses in anniversary room. As the apron answerable with attic cleaning, he says he’s captivated that there’s no charge to annoyance hoses around.

The abode acclimate amid added cogent improvements, including new rear roof lines, low-maintenance PVC balustrade and energy-saving HVAC equipment. The analysis of foundation cracks and a baptize capital botheration precipitated cogent changes to the basement.

Glickman spruced up the advanced of the abode with an admission balustrade featuring a arced brownish overhang. New arches over the second-floor dormers bout the portico.

From the street, the abode still resembles the added Cape Cods in the neighborhood.

“When you airing in, you get the wow factor,” accent by angle through the abode to the aback window, says Glickman aggregation affiliate Tim Birsin, accent by angle through the abode to the aback windows.

“Aesthetically and functionally, the attainable attic plan is a big improvement,” Lott says. It has baby me. I would never appetite to go aback to the way the abode was.”

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